DX-T150A pneumatic driving hot stamping machine
Technical parameters
Foil stamping size
Worktable size
Adjustable work height(mm)150150150200
Peak temperature(°C)300300300300
Foil stamping speed
Voltage/Power AC220V/600WAC220V/400WAC220V/1000WAC220V/1000W
Machine size
L*W*H (cm)
Packing size
L*W*H (cm)
Packingwooden casewooden casewooden casewooden case

What’s hot stamping machine technology?

Among the commonly used tools in hot stamping are dies and foil.Dies may be made of metal or silicone rubber, and they may be shaped directly or cast They can carry high levels of detail to be transferred to the surface and may be shaped to accommodate irregularities in the surface.

Foils are multilayered coatings that transfer to the surface of the product. Non-metallic foils consist of an adherence base, a color layer, and a release layer. Metallic foils replace the color layer with a layer of chrome or vacuum-metallized aluminum. Metallic foil construction has a metal-like sheen and is available in different metal shades such as gold, silver, bronze, and copper. Pigment foil does not have a metallic sheen but may be glossy or matte. Holographic foil paper includes a 3-dimensional image to provide a distinctive appearance to specific areas of a digitally printed application.

Different hot stamping machine serve different purposes, but the most common hot stamping machines are simple up-and-down presses.

Application of hot stamping machine:

  • Industry:stationery,shoes,pen,hardware product,phone shell,perfume bottle and so on.
  • Material:wood,glass,plastic,textile,leather and so on.
Hot stamping machine specifications

Foil stamping samples

  • Wine packing industry      glass bottle foil stamping/aluminum cap seal foil stamping/plastic cap foil stamping
  • Shoes industry  shoe and sole foil stamping
  • Plastic industry
  • Stationery industry  pen barrel/pen clipper foil stamping

wine bottle seal screen printing

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