DX-AS105 automatic 5 color jerry can screen printing machine













Technical parameters

  • model:DX-AS105
  • printing color:5 color
  • cylinder:Φ20-100mm/height 25-270mm
  • oval:width 25-120mm/height 25-270mm
  • Printing speed:cylinder:4000pcs/hr  oval:5000pcs/hr
  • Air pressure:0.6MPa
  • Liquid gas:0.15MPa
  • Dimension: L1000*W100*H150cm
  • Voltage:AC380V,3-PHASE,6.5KW
  • Weight:5000kgs
  • Optional:1-6 color can be customized
Machine features

Widely used for printing different shape domestic,medicine,food packing container printing,toys printing,tools printing.The machine adopt with PLC system and advanced touch screen for smart operation

Whole machine is combined with advanced motors and pneumatic parts to ensure infinitely variable speeds,automatic position matching,automatic feeding and non-printing without bottle

Can be used for printing oval,cylinder and irregular shape bottle.Such as plastic,glass,metal and so on.

  • automatic loading system
  • automatic flame treatment and UV curing system
  • infinitely variable speed control system
  • non-printing without bottles
  • automatic pre contraposition system
Machine details Jerry can samples
  • Flat surface jerry cans screen printing
  • Round surface jerry cans screen printing
Screen printing consumables Screen printing machine videos

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