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Roll to roll printing machine technical parameters
  • Product: DXCNC45 automatic roll to roll CNC screen printing machine
  • Model:DXCNC45
  • Max printing size:400*500mm
  • Max screen plate size:700*800mm
  • Feeding width:150-400mm
  • Max unwinding diameter: Φ500mm
  • Max windling diameter: Φ500mm
  • Printing speed:1,800 cycles/hr
  • Printing stroke:600mm
  • Thickness of printing material:0.07-0.38mm
  • Power of motor:0.75KW
Machine features

1.multi color automatic sensor color positioning,computer control,color standard automatically checked,automatic switch off when in ab-normity.

2.adopting advanced servo motor,the ink scraping speed and stroke can be adjusted at discretion

3.automatic printing calculation,the printing machine automatically switched off according to the printing amount preset.

4.equipped with two dust remover sticks to remove the dust on the label cover surface and buttom surface.

5.the photoelectric facilities controls the material feeding speed in case of scratching material surface.

6.the feeding time and speed can be adjustable 

Roll to roll screen printing samples









Screen printing consumables
  • Screen printing plate
  • Screen printing ink
  • Screen printing squeegee
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