automatic 3 color screen printing machine












Technical parameters
  • Model:DX-SPS03
  • Product: high production automatic pen marker 3 color screen printing machine
  • Printing color:1-3 color
  • Printing size:Pen barrel/tube diameter:Φ8mm-Φ100MM

Pen barrel/tube height: 25-270mm

  • Printing speed:4000pcs/hr
  • Air pressure:0.6MPa
  • Liquid gas:0.15MPa
  • Dimension: L190cm*W100cm*H150cm
  • Voltage:AC380V,3-PHASE,6.5KW
  • Weight:1200kgs
  • Optional:1 color and multi color can be optional


  • Screen printing plate
  • Screen printing ink
  • Screen printing squeegee
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